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Basmati Rice Hack

Basmati Rice Hack

This literally couldn’t be easier and for the microwave-owning vegans out there this basmati rice hack will save you so much time and washing up. You simply get a microwavable glass dish like this Pyrex casserole dish, it doesn’t need a lid but they’re handy in the summer for salads etc. You can use plastic dishes or anything that will hold up, and car boot sales are your friend if you don’t have one.

Having fairly straight sides will really help with quantities and we always do it by eye, so no measuring at all. We buy rice in 10kg bags. It usually works out around £1 per kilo which is a third cheaper than buying it from the supermarket and instead of using twenty plastic bags, you’re using one. You can invest in a nice Kilner style jar (IKEA wins out here, for me) and there’s a simple trick to label them:

Your rice stays hot in the microwave for around half an hour or you can put it in a tiffin/insulated bowl to keep it hot for hours, depending on how long your main dish takes to cook. I like to get the rice out of the way before I cook other dishes and the grains become super fluffy and it’s easier to digest. So long as you keep it hot, bacteria won’t grow. As rice cools it can become dangerous because of the spores, and I think this is the most dangerous of vegan foods, the NHS says “Uncooked rice can contain spores of Bacillus cereus, a bacterium that can cause food poisoning. The spores can survive when rice is cooked.” So please be careful, especially when you’re cooking large amounts.

basmati rice
boiling water
salt (optional)
oil (optional)

1. Put your dry rice in the glass dish and cover with boiling water. I look at the side of the dish and make the water twice as high up the sides as the rice. The whole lot will expand. A third rice, top up to two thirds with water and it will expand to fill the dish.
2. If you want, add salt and other seasonings and stir. To add a little luxury you can add a teaspoon of raw organic coconut oil or some good old veg oil or sustainable palm oil (not the orangutan-destroying palm kernel oil).
3. Microwave for 10 minutes and check. If it’s a bit crunchy, give it another few minutes. If it’s a bit chewy add a little more water and stir. Add a lid or pop a plate on it, you can keep it in the microwave, while you cook other dishes.

Basmati Rice Hacks #1

To refridgerate and freeze the rice you need to cool it straight away. The easiest way to do that is to pop it in a sieve and run it under cold water. Do this straight away so the bacteria don’t get a chance to grow, then drain it well. Put it in freezer bags and you can reuse these by taking the rice out when you’re ready to defrost it, put the rice in another container and cook immediately from frozen. Put the freezer bag back in the freezer straight away and use it next time for rice.

basmati rice hacks recipes without dairy
basmati rice hacks recipes without dairy

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