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8 Eco Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

8 Eco Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

8 Eco Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts, for awesome mums who care about the environment. Here’s a selection of plastic-free gorgeous gifts I’d love to receive (hint hint to The Viking, as our kids are still a bit little to get me something…) on Mothering Sunday.

1. 3 x Large Bamboo Velour Reusable Wipes these are perfect makeup remover wipes By Crimson Moon, they’re washable and eco friendly as well as being plastic-free. crimson moon cloth face wipes mother's day gift idea 2018

2. Pure Epiphany Spice Deluxe Package – Organic gift, vegan gift set; vegan gift, bath bomb set, natural skincare, skincare set, spa setThermal Remedy Spice Deluxe Package mother's day 2018 gift ideas

3. Rustic Wooden Necklace: upcycled tree jewellery, organic wooden pendant on antique brass chain I’m a jeweller myself by trade and this necklace is absolutely gorgeous, probably my favourite item in this whole list. The wood is reclaimed “osage orage”Rustic Wooden Necklace

4. Dairy Free Vegan Alternative to White Chocolate – Strawberry we all know that chocolate is a popular option for mother’s day gift ideas but most vegan choccies are dark and tend to be a little bitter. This white chocolate from  is a scrummy creamy choice from Ethicoco and has only six natural ingredientsDairy Free Vegan Alternative to White Chocolate - Strawberry

5. Strong Scented Vegan Jar Candles for mums who love their home to smell gorgeous but try to avoid the fake smells of artificial air freshener. These glass jar cute candles fit right in with so many decor styles and are good for you with some real essential oils. I like that they’re made of soy wax instead of beeswax, so you know no animals are being harmed to make themeco friendly scented soy candle gift for mums

6. Noode A6 Vegan Faux Cork Leather Notebook from Mindthecork, based in London, is a brilliant idea if your mum likes leather but not the cruelty attached to its production.cork leather notebooks

7. Roll On Perfume Oil – Cruelty Free Vegan with stunning natural scentsBloomtown botanicals infused oils

8. Vegan Wax Wrap Value Pack in blue gingham – beeswax free / plastic free / zero waste / soy wax wrap / sustainable / sandwich wrap
8 Eco Friendly Mother's Day Gifts large soy wrap

9. Mum In Heart Book Fold Pattern

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